Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Khabar Angin Sepoi Bahasa (is it true??)

Sana sinilar org duk sibuk psal FB nak tutup nih..ape masalah sebenarnye nih...
Ce citeeee......ce citeeee...

Ok..begini ceghitenye...di suatu petang yang heninggggggggggggggg.........
Ade jugak kene penampar ni..hehe..ok lar siyess...Nah..kome baceler sendiri.

Shocking news came from Facebook. The biggest social network in the face of this earth will be preached immediately closed within two months by the owner, Mark Zuckerberg. As quoted from, Sunday (09/01/2011), history of Facebook, which has 500 million users worldwide will soon be over on March 15, 2011.

“Facebook is completely excessive, I must end all this madness. All the pressure is now managing this company has ruined my life,” Zuckerberg said in a statement as claimed

Statement Zuckerberg allegedly reinforced by Avrat Humarthi, vice president for Technical Affairs up. “After 15 March, everything will be closed. If you want to look back at your photos, we recommend immediate download from the internet. You will never again take it up our cap,” he said.

Still according to claim that site, Zuckerberg assess its decision to close up very heavy. But he felt that the best way for everyone.

“Frankly, this is the best way. Without up, people will go out and create friendshipsthat’s true. It is always a good thing,” he said.

Until now, the only site who wrote stories is about going to the closing up. There is no official media reported, because the site is only The content is far from the truth.

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Betol ke tak itu aku xdpt nak pastikan..ade jugak yang percaya tapi bg aku biasa jerk..kalo betol die nak tutup xpelar..nak buek camne..sampaikan ade yang hantar mesej berantai bagai kat aku pastu suruh paste dkat 15 org friendlist lagi..
Ishk..tak kuase aku nk buat mende alah tu..ntah hape2 lar...
Yang penting jalanilah hidup korang dengan aktiviti yang berfaedah..

- budak ni poyo jerk - ok bye..

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